FORS Silver Accreditation

D&P Haulage is pleased to announce that we have now been accredited as a FORS Silver Company. This is a progression from our existing Bronze status achieved by meeting or exceeding the strict requirements to satisfy Transport For London’s criteria.

‘The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is an industry-led accreditation scheme that aims to promote road freight as a safe and sustainable mode of transportation in a way that supports economic growth and environmental targets whilst helping to improve our quality of life. FORS is a voluntary scheme that encourages sustainable best practice for fleet operators. At its core, FORS promotes safe working practices, legal compliance and a corporate social responsibility to improve the performance of fleet operators.’

  • FORS is only awarded to hauliers demonstrating the highest levels of fleet management with emphasis on the safety of other road users.
  • The FORS audit is an intensive test of how well we run our fleet in terms of safety, driver training, efficiency, environmental concern and many other aspects of quality of management. D&P vehicles are now fitted with extra equipment to improve the safety of and awareness to other road users.
  • FORS will soon be a mandatory requirement for delivery into some London boroughs, hauliers without FORS may well be refused access to delivery points in the future if they are not compliant.


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